Why is there an oil problem in the United States?

If you have ever wondered about the question above, you are in the right place! This site is meant to provide some background information about the current oil situation in the United States and keep up with current events.

Major Pages:
- U.S. Oil Consumption
- U.S. Oil Production
- Current Events
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News Stories

These are the eight most recent major news stories. Their summaries and the rest of the stories are on the Current Events page.

Date Title
12/08 Oil consumption forecasts slashed
12/06 Oil prices slide below $40
12/04 Oman trims budget oil price by $10
12/04 Edison wins Abu Qir oil and gas rights
12/03 Egypt, EU sign energy cooperation pact
12/03 Taqa buys Shell, Esso oil fields
12/03 OPEC to cut output, says Qatari minister
12/01 Oil falls on Opec delay

This wiki site is a resource for developing a good understanding of the current state of the U.S. oil situation and how current events will affect it in the future. This is best done by looking at the basic statistics for U.S. Oil Consumption and Production now, and then following the current events while monitoring changes in these numbers. There is also a lot that can be understood by following RSS feeds and then analyzing others' perspectives.

There are many resources that will hopefully help expand your knowledge about the oil situation. At the very least, I hope that it demonstrates to you in a logical, relatively non-biased way that there is a real problem with the oil situation in the United States.


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