Background Information

This page is intended to give you some background information about current oil consumption. It will provide mostly facts and figures with a few illustrations to help you better visualize current oil consumption in both the U.S. and the world.

Basic daily statistics

U.S. Crude Oil Production 5,064,000 barrels/day
U.S. Crude Oil Imports 10,031,000 barrels/day
U.S. Petroleum Consumption 20,680,000 barrels/day
U.S. Motor Gasoline Consumption 9,286,000 barrels/day*
U.S. Total Petroleum Exports 1,433,000 barrels/day
  • 9,286,000 barrels = 390 million gallons

Statistics were taken from EIA Website.

Where U.S. oil comes from

Top 5 Countries of Origin for U.S. Oil (2007)

Rank Country Annual Imports (Thousands Barrels) % of Total
1 Canada 895,976 18.23%
2 Mexico 559,304 11.38%
3 Saudi Arabia 541,987 11.03%
4 Venezuela 496,684 10.10%
5 Nigeria 413,932 8.42%

U.S. Imports - OPEC v.s Non-OPEC

Annual Imports (Thousands Barrels) % of Total
OPEC 2,182,607 44.40%
Non-OPEC 2,733,350 55.60%
Total U.S. Imports 4,915,957 100%

OPEC - a cartel of thirteen countries made up of Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

Stats were taken from EIA Website.

Who has oil

Saudi Arabia currently has about 25% of the world's oil reserves.

Other Oil Facts

What is the daily average production of U.S. Petroleum? 8.5 million barrels

What is the daily average U.S. petroleum demand? 20.7 million barrels

What is the daily World petroleum demand? 84.7 million barrels

96% of cars use oil

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