These are instructions for the new incoming analyst to help keep track of current events and keep the statistics on U.S. Oil Consumption and U.S. Oil Production up-to-date.

Current Events

There are numerous resources that are helpful in keeping track of the ongoing events in the oil industry. The most useful resource in getting an overview of daily events is Bloglines because it delivers feeds with new stories daily. Within the blogroll, the best resource to go to first is AME Info News. This site does an excellent job of selecting relevant news stories and providing concise summaries to provide the main idea. After going through the new stories from this feed, it would be best to proceed through the Yahoo Pipe that provides results from both Google Search and Yahoo Search, and then through the rest of the resources on the blogroll. The resources on the blog page should be looked at after picking out several relevant stories. The blogs will help in getting a better idea of the impact the events will have by providing other people's perspectives.

Current events should be updated at least once a week. It is not necessary to check on new events more often because there are rarely drastic changes in the industry in periods shorter than a week. Each week, the three to five most relevant stories should be added to the current events page. The front page should then be updated to reflect the eight most recent stories deemed to be relevant so that public users of the site can stay current on oil-related news.


The Energy Informaiton Administration updates its statistics on a weekly basis. However, it is recommended that statistics in this wiki are updated on a monthly basis. This way minor fluctuations can be reduced by reporting the consumption, production, imports, or exports for an entire month. At the end of each month, the statistics on both the U.S. Oil Consumption and U.S. Oil Production should be updated to maintain a current record. Also, current events during the month should be compared with the fluctuations in consumption and production to see whether there is a clear reason that can be deduced. By drawing such conclusions and comparing them with various blogs, a good understanding of how the state of the U.S. oil industry relates to world events can be obtained.

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