Name: The Oil Drum
Frequency: Once a week
Information: A compilation of various blog posts about oil and energy containing videos, images, and commentary on the news. It focuses on current news and how it relates to energy sustainability.
Query: "oil consumption"
Evaluation: 7
Miscellaneous: This site contains a Google Custom Search Engine.


Name: Seeking Alpha: Energy Sector
Frequency: Daily
Information: A collection of articles and blogs written by various authors taking a financial view on oil and the energy sector as a whole. This site provides reactions to recent news and the stock recommendations of the authors.
Evaluation: 6
Miscellaneous: This site provides email alerts that are very helpful in keeping up with recent blogs and articles. I discuss this resource on my email alerts page.

Name: Oil Wars
Frequency: Twice a month
Information: This blog is focused on Venezuela and Chavez. It is a personal blog discussing personal views of Chavez's decisions and the impact they will have on Venezuelan oil exports.
Evaluation: 4

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